SSLG series Crumbler

【SSLG series Crumbler】
  • Name:SSLG series Crumbler
  • Product Code:SSLG
  • Model:SSLG
  • Updated:2013.08.27
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Product features


1. t is a special-purpose equipment to crumble big pellets into small pellets;


2. Compact structure and convenient and quickfineness adjustment. The feeding roll is controlled by frequency inverter for feeding more smoothly. The fineness of finished products is more even and crumbled products obtaining rate is improved;


3. Rolls perform differential rotational speed. Pellets are pressed, sheared and torn, thus reaching ideal crumbling effect.


4. Unique feeding device and bypass device not only serve to distribute the products, but also serve to bypass the products not requiring crumbling. When bypassing, automatic stoppage is realized through limit switch.


5. Sampling port is available to facilitate the testing of fineness of products after being crumbled.


Main Technical Data:


Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
SSLG15X80 3.5 4.5 450
SSLG15X100 5 5.5 530
SSLG15X150 10 7.5/11 700
SSLG20X170 20 11/15 900