Spare Parts for FCPM Series Feed Pellet Mill

【Spare Parts for FCPM Series Feed Pellet Mill】
  • Name:Spare Parts for FCPM Series Feed Pellet Mill
  • Product Code:FCPM
  • Model:FCPM
  • Updated:2013.09.02
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Product Features:


1. The latest production technology with specialized advantages is our assurance for high quality


2. Modern forged steel factories at hom and abroad provide high quality steel materials.


3. We ( FCM ) with experience of more than 18 years in die manufacturing, uses the gundrill, ensuring precise setting and size of die holes.


4. The heat-treating depertment carries out key stress relieving of the semi-finished with advanced heat-treatment.


5. The rich engineering design experience guarantee shape and depth of die hole and hole-opening rate, which can meet the different requirements of poultry, livestock feeds and aquafees. Thus, greatly improve the quality and efficiency of the pelleting process.