SFJH Series Rotary Screener

【SFJH Series Rotary Screener】
  • Name:SFJH Series Rotary Screener
  • Product Code:SFJH
  • Model:SFJH
  • Updated:2013.09.09
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Product features:


1. Three moving modes i.e. circumferential, elliptical and rectilinear are combined, resulting in good screening effect.


2. Belt is adopted for driving the screener hull. The bias weights are balanced and noise is low. The support at the tail of screener hull is an improved elastic support with less vibration and low noise.


3. The improved steel cable structure avoids the wearing of steel cable.


4. Less dust, low noise, less vibration, smooth running; big rotary radius, high sizing capability, good screening effect.


Main Technical Data:





power pellet
SFJH56X2C 1.1 1-3 3-5
SFJH80X2C  2.2 4-6 5-8
SFJH110X2C 2.2 6-8 8-10
SFJH130X2C 3 8-13 10-15
SFJH140X2C 4 12-16 14-18
SFJH140X2C 5.5 15-18 18-23