POWER Protect

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Multi-system support during intense work

Nutritional value:

In horses, intense effort, elevated workload, nervous tension or certain pathological states provoking the appearance

of oxidative stress can impact on the muscular, respiratory and locomotor systems and hence athletic performance.

POWER PROTECT is an original combination of antioxidants, which associates natural vitamin E and grapeseed- derived polyphenols. POWER PROTECT can help the horse‘s cellular resistance when it is subjected to increased demand and also helps in its recovery, particularly during the convalescent period.

Complementary feedingstuff for horses:
POWER PROTECT use is particularly recommended to support the regeneration of the antioxidant defences:
• In preparation for an intense sporting effort
• After an episode of intense or prolonged exertion
• During recovery following acute or chronic illness

Recommended administration:
Standard sized horses (500 kg): Sports or race horses 4 pump depressions (= 16 ml) approximately 3 hours before an intense effort
Recovery / convalescence 2 pump depressions (= 8 ml) morning and evening for a minimum of 10 days
Light horses/ ponies adjust the quantity according to estimated weight
Pack size
• 200 ml bottle with pum