MEGA BASE Fertility

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Broodmare complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement

Nutritional value:
MEGA BASE FERTILITY supports not only an optimal fertility for the broodmare but also a healthy musculoskeletal
development in the foal.
Mineral and vitamin complementary feeding stuff for horses :
Use of MEGA BASE FERTILITY is advised for the supplementation of the broodmare ration in order to favour an
optimal fertility and aid healthy skeletal development of the foetus and foal up to weaning. MEGA BASE FERTILITY
is administered during the preparation for the stud season and during gestation. MEGA BASE FERTILITY can equally
be used in yearlings where it helps supply the necessary elements for a healthy balanced growth and development.
Recommended administration:
Add MEGA BASE FERTILITY to usual feed ration.
Adult horses
Broodmare 80 to 100 g per day (10 g per kg Dry Matter)
Yearlings 30 g for 250 kg of body weight
Pack size
• 5 kg bucket with measuring scoop