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Liver function support

Nutritional value:
LEGAPHYTON contains Silybin from Milk Thistle fruit, known for their hepatic function support virtues. It supplies
also high quality protein and carbohydrates that are readily assimilated, particularly useful in animals whose digestion
is disrupted.
Dietetic complementary feedingstuff for horses :
LEGAPHYTON is recommended in situations where liver and hepatic function is required to be optimal:
• During convalescence period
• Overweight ponies, noxious plant ingestion
• Old horses
Recommended administration:
Add LEGAPHYTON to the feed.
Adult horses: Standard sized horses (500 kg) 1 scoop (30 g) per day
Foals and Ponies: 1/2 scoop (15 g) per day
Pack size
• 900 g pot with scoop with measuring scoop