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Digestive tract health and hygiene

Nutritional value:
GESTAMASH PROTECT is a dietetic mix, composed of high biological value energy sources, pre and probiotic
elements. Its specific composition contributes to the re-establishment of the digestive mucosa integrity and vitality.
As a ready to-use dietetic mash, GESTAMASH PROTECT has a mildly lubricating effect on the digestive tract and
contributes to a healthy digestive function and intestinal flora profile.
Designed for horses, GESTAMASH PROTECT is particularly recommended for:
• horses where maintenance of intestinal health is important
• post operative period
• during box rest periods or prolonged convalescence
• horses subject to stress
GESTAMASH PROTECT can equally be used as part of an alimentary tract health and hygiene program.
Recommended administration:
Rehydrate the dietetic mash with approximately 750 ml to 1L of warm water (cover mash but do not swamp). Cover
bucket in order to allow the mash to swell and give to the horse while still warm.
Administer as a meal substitute:
• In association with specific management routines : 3 times per day by replacing the usual meal (e.g. post colic
episodes …).
• Alimentary tract health and hygiene programme: Once weekly, as a meal substitution. GESTAMASH PROTECT must
not be given dry. The non-consumed remains of the meal should be removed from the feeding manger.
Ensure that free access to fresh clean water is available.
Pack size
• Box of 9 sachets (600 g)