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Intense stress support

Nutritional value:
EQUILISER is an important combination of L-Tryptophan, vitamins B1 and B6, niacin and organic magnesium
in a formulation conceived to meet the nervous system requirements during important periods of solicitation.
EQUILISER is equally a formula that complements a dry ration and assures a sufficient supply of nutritional elements
for the nervous system.
Complementary feedingstuff for horses, rich in L-Tryptophan, destined to maintain the balance of the nervous
system during periods of stress or to help return a “hot headed” horse to a handlable state.
Recommended administration:
Administer EQUILISER in the feed or drinking water • Horses : 1 scoop (= 20 g) per day
• Ponies : ½ scoop (= 10 g) per day
Adult horses
Standard sized horses (500 kg):
Competition preparation Begin at least 2 days before
competition and administer
equally the day of the competition
Calming a “hot headed” horse Administer for 10 days minimum
(prolong as long as necessary)
Foals: Half of the above administration
Pack size
• 500 g pot with measuring scoop