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Complete liquid electrolyte support

Nutritional value:
ELYTAAN is a readily available liquid electrolyte formulation. Its composition is adapted to stimulate drinking and
partially compensate for NaCl losses. Rich in vitamins (notably vitamin B3 and vitamin B5, trace elements and
amino acids (lysine and DL-methionine)), EQUISTRO® ELYTAAN provides maximal nutritional support for energetic
metabolism and can be used for the constitution of reserves in anticipation of an important fluid and electrolyte loss.
Complementary feedingstuff for horses: ELYTAAN can be administered daily for a regular supply of electrolytes,
vitamins and amino acids which support metabolism. ELYTAAN can equally be used for the constitution of reserves
or regeneration of performance potential: • during convalescence
• between competitions or directly after a competition
• as a primary support to broodmares after foaling
• prior to transport or a physical effort
Recommended administration:
ELYTAAN can be given directly into the horse’s mouth allowing administration even when the
horse is not thirsty or if they cannot swallow large quantities of fluid (e.g. prior to a competition).
Alternatively, add to food or water. Standard sized horses (500 kg): 20 to 40 ml per day
Foals/ Ponies 10 to 20 ml per day
Pack size
• 1000 ml bottle