die and shell

【die and shell】
  • Name:die and shell
  • Product Code:dieandshell
  • Model:dieandshell
  • Updated:2013.09.02
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The divided cooperative production with specialized advantages is the assurance for high quality:

1. The specialized steel forge factories at home and abroad provide high quality steel forges.

2. The specialized die factory with the manufacturing experience of more than ten years manufactures the dies with advanced special-purpose gundrill, ensuring precise assembly size and arranging size of die holes.

3. The specialized heat-treating factory carries out key heat-treatment for the semi-finished products with advanced heat-treating equipment such as vacuum furnace.

4. The rich specialized design experience and marketing experience guarantee shape and depth of die hole and hole-opening rate, which can meet the different requirements of poultry and livestock feed and aquafeed and thus greatly improve the quality and high efficiency of pelleting.

5. The specialized sales and after-sales service let the users use the dies at ease.