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Behavioural stress resistance

Nutritional value:
BETAMAG Forte is a liquid formula composed of organic magnesium and zinc that supplies the nutrients essential
for the regulation of the muscular and nervous systems. The zinc, contained in BETAMAG Forte, is supplied in the
organic complex IPALIGO® form, unique to Vetoquinol, thus ensuring an excellent bioavailabilty and retention as
demonstrated in the horse for IPALIGO® zinc.
Dietetic feeding stuff for horses : Supplies zinc and magnesium for the preparation of the organism for a better
resistance against stress and its negative effects, in particular when a potential risk associated with change could
result (changing stableyard…).
Recommended administration:
Administer in feed or drinking water. Once or twice daily for 2 weeks or longer if necessary.
Adult horses
Standard sized horses (500 kg): 10 to 20ml per day
Light horses and ponies: 5 to 10 ml per day
Foals: Half of the above administration