Active Against: Any oedematous condition


Solution for injection :
Hydrochlorothiazide 5.00 g
Dexamethasone 0.05 g
Benzyl alcohol 1 ml
Excipient to 100 ml


The anti-oedematous effect can be obtained reducing the inflammation of conjunctive tissue (Dexamethasone) and by increasing the diuresis (Hydrochlorothiazide).


• In cattle and sheep : congestion and oedema of the udder, persistant lactation in oedema, pulmonary œdema and congestion, oedematous infiltration of surgical wounds, œdema in allergic conditions.
• In horses : diverse congestion and œdema : œdema of the sheath, dependant œdema, œdema in allergic conditions.

 Administration and dosage

I.V., I.M. or S.C. administrations.
Cattle, adult horses :
• Prevention : 10 ml a day for 3 days.
• Treatment :
– Mild congestions and œdema : 10 ml a day for 2- 3 days.
– Severe congestions and œdema : 20 ml a day for 2 days and 10 ml the third day.
Sheep, foals, calves : 2 ml for 40 -50 kg of b.w. daily.


Those relevant to all corticotherapy : advanced pregnancy, infectious process, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, glaucoma, senility, renal or cardiac disorders.

 Withdrawal period

Meat and offal : 3 days.
Milk : 4 milkings.


List I.
Prescription only medicine. This drug should be stored during duration of its withdrawal period.


50 ml bottle
M.A. N° 686 774.0 03-80 V from the 03/26/80

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