About us

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Triple for Drugs and Trade started its business in 2003 with the aim of establishing new standards in the Jordanian Market of veterinary pharmaceuticals, regarding innovation, quality of service and products. founders had the objective of contributing to improve animal health care in a successful way through the marketing of veterinary medicines, feed additives and disinfectants oriented to prevent and treat several diseases of large production animals, poultry, pets and other domestic animals.

By going beyond the standards achieved, committing to the well being and training of our personnel and continuously marketing products with an emphasis on quality, we were able to adapt and expand into many regions in our country.

We think that such vision of the future has already turned into a concrete and real mission, which requires us to have more solid values. for this reason, we consider that “veterinary creativity” is not only a slogan but a comprehensive philosophy of making a different kind of business in the area of veterinary medicines and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

our mission: “products of a unique class”

“to offer unique veterinary pharmaceutical products; developed in a creative and innovative way, looking for international projection and local consolidation, through the formal establishment of strategic alliances”

our vision: “value leadership”

To be the leading company in the Latin-American pharmaceutical market, not just in sales levels, but also in value creation, innovation and in excellence of our processes, through high standards of quality and social responsibility