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10% Solution for Injection


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is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID)
antipyretic and analgesic agent indicated

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OCTACILLIN water soluble powder
for chickens 697 mg/g

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SprayFo Red

is a high quality Whey Calf Milk
Replacer suitable for 14 day old calves under
New Zealand’s environmental conditions.

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Sprayfo Blue Premium Calf Milk Replacer

is a premium Whey based milk replacer suitable for 3-4 day old
calves under New Zealand’s environmental conditions.

Our mission and our vision

Triple for Drugs and Trade started its business in 2003 with the aim of establishing new standards in the Jordanian

Market of veterinary pharmaceuticals, regarding innovation, quality of service and products. founders had the objective of contributing to improve animal health care in a successful way through the marketing of veterinary medicines, feed additrives and disinfectants oriented to prevent and treat several diseases of large production animals, pets and other domestic animals.Read more


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